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AIGA Desgin Show 2021 Winner
Digital Thesis Exhibition2020

Synthesis utilizes multisensory and synesthetic stimuli to trigger the viewers memories and associations while simultaneously creating new memoris and associations in an effort to push graphic design beyond its normal unisensory visual pathway. The desired result is a more effective and therefore more memorable form of design. The exhibitions is composed of 4 sections that move from analogue to digital while incorporating a different combination of senses at each stage. The video above describes each of these stages in depth and the associated design decisions.

This exhibition was originally conceived as a physical exhibition but was recreated digitally due to COVID-19. 

Full exhibition space and components

Part 1. Instructional Pedestal 

Scented instructional card and branded vials containing edibles

Part 2. Analogue Tactile Material Wall

Part 3. Poster Series
      Posters 2 & 3 can be activated here via the Artivive AR app

Analogue and digital poster interactions

Part 4. Interactive Audio and Video via a MIDI Controller

Primary animations and kinetic type overlays