Jazz Cabbage

Packaging & Branding
Audio Production
Motion Design
Augmented Reality
Letterpress Printed

AIGA Desgin Show 2019 Winner
Student Work2019

Jazz Cabbage is a cannabis brand geared towards musicians, music lovers, sound nerds, and concert-goers. The packaging makes it easy for the consumer to take the product with them to studio sessions, rehearsals, concerts, or in the comfort of their own home. The designs were letterpress printed to have a tactile feel as the product is meant to be handled. Additionally, a 12” record sleeve, vinyl record, and phenakistoscope stickers were created for each flavor. Each vinyl record contains a curated soundtrack which pairs with the effects of each flavor. Finally, a series of animations paired with original songs, social media video posts, and augmented reality designs were created to push the brand experience even further.