The Identity for the University of Minnesota’s Fishing Wildlife and Conservation Biologies study abroad programs. The FWCB department came to us with the goal of increasing the enrollment in their study abroad programs. The approach chosen consists of 6 individual posters, informational handouts and one “super poster” which is made up of all 6 posters. Their previous poster designs consisted of a class photo with a great deal of text about the program. The new design features bright colors and illustrations meant to catch the viewers eye. The illustrations show a surreal depiction of what the class and its location entail, in an effort to relate to the surreal experience of studying abroad. The text remains minimal, providing only the location, dates, and an easy-to-access web address where further information can be found. The design of the “super poster” is meant to command any space at 33in x 34in. Each individual poster is connected via the organic shapes in the background, creating one cohesive poster.